Horseback riding
Article published on 12 January 2018
last modification on 22 January 2018

Horseback riding in the Ottawa Valley

With hundreds of miles of logging roads in the area we have endless trails to take our horseback riders on, many with easy access from the farm. For some of our longer rides and overnight excursions we will often trailer to a starting point away from the farm and do a longer loop.

We work hard to understand the desire and capabilities of our guests for their trail riding experience. We can do a simple short ride for the beginners, typically 2 hours in length or a longer 3 - 5 hour ride for those experienced and comfortable to be on the saddle for longer durations.

With 15 horses and 6 ponies which we can rent you can see we can accommodate a pretty large group.

For those of you who own your horse and have a trailer, we are happy for you to join us on a ride. We will charge a reduced rate in line with the value of our guiding service for you to come along and be part of our group.

We really enjoy trail riding, and our guests seem to always have a fun tome. Please get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to design an experience you’ll remember.