Article published on 12 January 2018
last modification on 12 November 2018

We have different fee structures for the various rides and horse training services we offer. We also are happy to offer specially designed programs for families, birthdays and other special interests.

If you have a large group or want to do a special overnight ride with a small number, we are happy to try to work out a program for you.

As for our Pony ride is a services, we take them to you. If you are having a local event such as a fair, or large party we are happy to bring our Ponies to the function. We can use up to six Ponies for these events.

  • Horseback Riding
  • on reservation
    • $30/hr or $90/day
    • with 10$ deposit per person
    • no reservation
    • 40$/hr
    • Day Camps
    • $70/day or $350/week
  • Riding School (adult)
    • $30/hr
  • Riding School (children)
    • $250 for 10 hours of lessons for children un 16 years’ old
  • Horse Boarding
    • $200
  • Wagon and Sleigh Rides
    • $12/person
  • Pony Rides and Petting Zoo - We come to you!
    • Rate based on distance and number of Ponies required
  • Overnight rides
    • $175/weekend for the horse rental. Additional expenses for food etc will be discussed at the time.
  • Camping
    • Trailer - 20$/night
    • Tent - 10$/night
  • Special Events Cabin to Rent
    • 200$/night